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Mother of Good Counsel

The Augustinians established the Catholic Church in Innisfail and hence their patron, Our Mother of Good Counsel, has become our patron. The feast of Our Mother of Good Counsel is celebrated on April 26th.

Saint Marcellin Champagnat

As a Marist school, special patronage is paid to St Marcellin Champagnat whose feast day is celebrated on June 6th.

Sisters of the Good Samaritan

Original founders of Catholic education in Innisfail in1903 Archbishop John Bede Polding formed the order to imitate the Good Samaritan who showed care for his neighbour.

College Motto: One Spirit in Christ

Together we are a family, we share the one Jesus. May we assist each other to learn and grow. Teach us to regard each other as brothers and sisters. May we enrich each other’s lives and grow together to reveal the love of God to our world.

College Song

Our college song, ‘One Spirit in Christ’ is an important part of the faith life of our college. Written by past student Janai Sugars, the song reflects the characteristics that we hope all members of the college community will embody. It is sung regularly at assemblies, masses, liturgies and other important college events:

Loving God, You gather us in Your name right here. Together we are family. We share
Hope and Faith, playfulness and prayer.
Loving God, may we enrich each other’s lives and grow
Together to reveal our love and show
The loving God that we have come to know.

Loving God, grant us wisdom that we need throughout our lives. Give us nourishment and strength so we can learn,
And grant us your Good Counsel for us to do what’s right.

And here we belong:
One Spirit in Christ – Our Saviour.
As free and moral people in a complex world
And with our Mother Mary along beside us
We can reach our highest goal and be
One Spirit in Christ.