Marist Identity

Good Counsel College is an active member of the Marist Schools Australia Association.

Imbued with the Marist charism, the essence of who we are and the ways we engage with one another as a community draw inspiration from the Five Marist Characteristics. These Five Characteristics also underpin our Positive Relationships for Learning framework:


At Good Counsel College, we prioritise establishing a genuine presence with our students. We take a personal interest in their wellbeing, making an effort to know each student individually. Our relationships are grounded in love, fostering an environment of attentiveness and warmth. By earning trust and promoting openness, we create a sense of community within which students can flourish.

  • We care for students personally
  • We know each one individually
  • We seek relationship founded on love
  • We are attentive and welcoming
  • We earn trust, we foster openness


Simplicity is a core value at Good Counsel College. We practice honesty and transparency, both in our beliefs and actions. Our commitment to humility and modesty is reflected in our approach, aiming to "do good quietly." Teachings emphasise simplicity, encouraging students to embrace this value in their lives, avoiding the seductive allure of material possessions and fame.

  • We are genuine and straightforward
  • We say what we believe and show it
  • We are honest before God and ourselves
  • We seek humility and modesty, ‘to do good quietly’
  • We use simplicity in our teaching
  • We encourage simplicity as a value in our lives, not seduced by possessions and fame

Family Spirit

The concept of family is integral to Good Counsel College. We treat each other as members of a loving family. We are dedicated to building a strong sense of community, offering a warm and accepting environment where students feel a sense of belonging. Successes and failures are shared, and we set clear standards of honesty, mutual respect, and tolerance. We see the innate goodness in every student, separating their actions from their core being. We give preferential attention to those in greater need and promote collaborative leadership.

  • We relate to each other and to young people in our care as the members of a loving family
  • We undertake to build community
  • We offer a warmth of welcome, acceptance and belonging
  • We share life’s successes and failures
  • We set clear standards of honesty, mutual respect and tolerance
  • We believe in each student’s innate goodness, not confusing the person with their actions
  • We give preferential attention to those whose needs are greatest
  • We encourage leadership based on collaboration and shared responsibility

Love of Work

We are people of work, approaching our daily tasks with dedication and the confidence that comes from our faith in God. Generosity of heart, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to our work are at the forefront of our ethos. Classes are prepared with vision and decisiveness to meet the needs of all students. We instill in our students the dignity of work as a source of self-fulfilment, emphasising that work can bring purpose and meaning to life. We focus on developing character, resilience, a balanced moral conscience, and solid values while fostering motivation and teamwork.

  • We are people of work, ready to ‘roll up our sleeves’
  • We work with total confidence in God
  • We are generous of heart, constant and persevering in our daily work
  • We prepare classes, being visionary and decisive in meeting the needs of our students
  • We encourage our students to discover the dignity of work, a source of self-fulfillment
  • We view work as a way to bring purpose and meaning to life
  • We seek to develop strong character and resilience, balanced moral conscience and solid values
  • We foster motivation and teamwork

In the Way of Mary

At Good Counsel College, Mary is the epitome of a Marist educator, serving as an example of Christian life, a motherly figure, and a devout individual who praised God. We perceive Mary as someone who embarked on a journey of faith, experiencing life's challenges while maintaining her unwavering faith. We consciously integrate a Marian dimension into our teachings through prayer and by emulating Mary's tenderness, strength, and steadfast faith.

These principles guide Good Counsel College, creating an environment where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • We see Mary as a perfect model of the Marist educator – as an exemplar of the Christian life, as mother, as one who praised God
  • We see Mary as a woman on a journey of Faith
  • We believe Mary had a difficult life and ‘dust on her feet’
  • We consciously bring a Marian dimension to our teaching by prayer, imitating Mary’s tenderness, strength and constancy of faith