Diverse Learning

Good Counsel College recognises and acknowledges that every student has unique learning needs, strengths, and challenges, and emphasis is placed on the importance of creating inclusive and supportive educational environments that cater to the diverse needs of all learners.

At Good Counsel College, we are committed to embracing and supporting diverse learners. We believe in the value of an inclusive education that respects and celebrates the individual differences and abilities of each student, and our Diverse Learners Team plays a vital role in this process.

The Diverse Learners Team consists of experienced professionals who specialise in understanding and addressing the diverse needs of students. They work closely with year level middle leaders to ensure that all students receive the necessary support and accommodations required for their learning journey.

One of the key activities of the Diverse Learners Team is to meet regularly with year level Middle Leaders to review and monitor student referrals. This collaborative effort allows them to discuss individual student cases, assess the effectiveness of current support strategies, and identify any adjustments or additional interventions that may be required. By actively reviewing and adjusting support measures, the team ensures that students’ changing needs are consistently met throughout their educational journey.

The team works closely with teachers, parents, and other professionals to develop individualised plans, implement evidence-based interventions, and promote inclusive practices within the classroom.

Our commitment to diverse learning ensures that all students have equal opportunities to succeed and grow, regardless of their individual learning styles, abilities, or backgrounds.