Enrolment Procedure

Good Counsel College accepts enrolment applications at any time of the school year for students in Years 7-12.

Applications for enrolment can be made online or in person through the college office.

It is an expectation that parents seeking to enrol their child at Good Counsel College will give their full support to the college’s Vision and Mission. While many of our students are Catholic, all young people are welcome.

Enrolment is not determined on the grounds of race, cultural background, faith, gender, intellectual or physical ability. However, the college will be discerning about the family and young person showing a genuine desire to be part of our learning community, follow our ethos, model our values and meet our expectations in relation to learning, behaviour, participation and cooperation. As such, all students and parents/carers are required to read and sign the college Terms and Conditions agreement issued at the time of enrolment before enrolment will be finalised, and families will be given a copy of the signed agreement.

The enrolment process involves the successful completion of the following steps:

Step 1.

Complete the Online Application and submit supporting documentation. Please note that all documentation must be supplied before the application can proceed.

Student Transfers

If your child is enrolling from a secondary state school in Queensland, a transfer note (PDF, 209KB)  will be requested from the previous school.  Transfer notes will generally not be requested for students enrolling from a primary state school in Queensland, however the principal reserves the right to request one.

The information provided in transfer notes will alert the new school to any educational and/or pastoral needs of the enrolling student so that if required, appropriate support can be provided.

An enrolment interview will only be conducted once the transfer note has been received. 
Please note that this process can take up to 2 weeks.

If your child has moved to Queensland from interstate, the college may request consent from you to obtain your child’s information from their previous school using the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note.

Year 11 and Year 12 Enrolments

Students enrolling into Year 11 & 12 will require a SETP (Senior Education & Training Plan) interview to consider their pathway and whether the college has the subjects to meet their needs. This interview will be arranged prior to the enrolment interview.

Please note: The timing of enrolment may impact on the student’s eligibility for a QCE due to completion dates of set units of work.

Step 2. The college responds

The principal will make the decision whether to progress to an enrolment interview and you will be contacted.

Step 3. An interview is arranged

All new students to Good Counsel College must have an enrolment interview with the college principal or the principal’s nominee.

Year 7 in 2025 interviews will be conducted on Saturday, 11 May 2024

Step 4. Accepting a place

If your application progresses, the principal will make an offer of enrolment and Confirmation of Enrolment papers will be issued.

Step 5. Enrolment is complete

Enrolment is complete on the receipt of the completed ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ papers and payment of the $100 enrolment deposit (deducted from Term 1 fees). 

Note: The confirmation fee is not required for mid-year enrolments.