Careers & Pathways

Good Counsel College holds accreditation as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), enabling us to offer certificate level qualifications and provide students with opportunities to gain valuable skills and qualifications.

To support students in their career development and educational pathways, our dedicated Pathways Leader collaborates with external agencies, employers, and tertiary institutions to provide guidance, support, resources, and engaging experiences such as Year 10 Careers Day, Mock interviews, and QTAC and University presentations. These initiatives assist students in making informed decisions about their future and exploring various career options.

In Year 10, students, together with their families, actively participate in the Senior Education and Training (SET) planning process. This collaborative effort enables them to create a comprehensive and personalised plan that aligns with their career aspirations and educational goals. The process involves considering diverse options, including vocational training, university pathways, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities.

At Good Counsel College, we are committed to providing a well-rounded education that combines academic excellence with practical skill development. By offering accredited certificate courses, supported by our Pathways Leader and the Senior Education and Training (SET) planning process, we empower students to make informed choices and pursue their desired career pathways.

Please visit the Careers/V.E.T. office for further information or email Ms Marcelle Foster to arrange a meeting.

The following websites provide further information to support career options and further education.