Friday, Mar 28, 2014 to Friday, Apr 04, 2014
• Yr8-12 Exams

Friday, Apr 04, 2014
• TERM 1 Ends

Monday, Apr 21, 2014
• EASTER Monday

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014
• TERM 2 Commences
• Year Meetings

2014 Term Dates
Term 1 (10 weeks)
Tue, Jan 28 to Fri, Apr 04
Term 2 (10 weeks)
Tue, Apr 22 to Fri, Jun 27
Term 3 (10 weeks)
Mon, Jul 14 to Fri, Sep 19
Term 4 (9 weeks)
Tue, Oct 07 to Wed, Nov 19 (Yr12)
Tue, Oct 07 to Fri, Dec 05 (Yr8-11)

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A Welcome to the College Message from the Principal Mr Paul Keenan

"The Good News"
From the Principal's Desk...
Dear members of the Good Counsel College community

Do you remember The Family Circus, Bill Keane’s one frame cartoon (presented inside a circular frame) which has been syndicated in newspapers around the globe since the 1960s? In his cartoon, Keane presents pithy insights into the dynamics of family life, drawn often from the experience of his own. One Family Circus cartoon is memorable for me. Mum is returning from a shopping trip with kids hanging off her everywhere, when they encounter a neighbour. The neighbour asks; “How do you divide your love among four children?” Quick as a flash, the mum replies, “I don’t divide it; I multiply it!”

What a profound truth is spoken here! It is a truth which is confirmed in the experience of many; and it is the truth of Easter. We are not diminished by loving.

It is a fear that lurks beneath the surface (for some more than others); if we follow Jesus’ example and pour out our lives in selfless service, our lives will be dissipated and we will be left with nothing. The way of life that Jesus calls us to and empowers us for is not a cruel trick or embarrassing hoax. The truth is we are always the richer for loving, notwithstanding the dark places it may lead from time to time.

The seeming paradox of the Christian faith – that in losing our life we will find it; that the last will be first; that in giving that we receive – has always been an issue for the Church. St Paul spoke of it this way [1Cor 1:18, 22-24]:

The message of the cross is folly to those on the way to ruin, but to those of us who are on the road to salvation it is the power of God. … While the Jews demand mira-cles and the Greeks look for wisdom, we are preaching a crucified Christ; to the Jews an obstacle they cannot get over, to the gentile foolishness, but to those who have been called, whether they are Jews or Greeks, a Christ who is both the power of God and the wisdom of God.

The Easter mysteries draw us in to Jesus’ total trustful self-giving – to the point of nothing-ness; nothing held back – which bears fruit in new life of resurrection. In Christ, through the power of the Spirit, the goodness of love triumphs over hate, fear and despair.

So why accept the invitation to join the Parish Community over Easter and celebrate love’s triumph over all else? Over the weeks of the Easter Vacation, students and their families will receive an interim report giving some insight into progress thus far. For most it will be cause for satisfaction in that their consistent effort and application is keeping them on the path to success. However for some it will serve as a timely reality check and be cause for pause to reassess and recalibrate both attitude and action for the remainder of Semester. Please discuss the reports at home over the break in readiness for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferencing early in Term 2.

Student learning and Christian formation is the focus of our College life. School staff and families are in partnership with students to serve this goal. I am most impressed by the skilfulness, dedication and professionalism of staff right across all aspects of GCC’s operations. On your behalf, I thank our Teachers and School Officers (learning, administration, house-keeping and maintenance) for their contributions, both obvious and behind the scenes, throughout Term 1. It has been an unexpected turn of events that leads me to remain at the College through to the end of Term 2. I am grateful for the welcome and encouragement I have received and look forward to the next few months with you.

I extend the well-wishes of the entire College Community to Paul Keenan for the period of his leave.

Easter Blessings!

2014 Luke Reed

Luke Reed
PRINCIPAL (acting)