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11th April
First day of Term 2



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Good Counsel College is an independent Catholic Secondary College in the Marist Tradition that is committed to providing a quality Catholic education, founded on the dignity and respect of every human person. As a learning community we are focussed on a holistic approach to education seeking to enhance the spiritual, educational, emotional, physical, cultural and social development of all students, emanating from the Catholic ethos of faith, hope and love.

Our current enrolment of 580 girls and boys allows us to provide a wide range of subjects and programs in our curriculum including academic opportunities as well as vocational, trade and career training. We model our teaching and learning on contemporary, 21st century practices that challenge each and every learner to achieve their potential, while growing their personal characteristics of courage, integrity, compassion and consideration.

Community News

I thank all staff, students, parents and guardians for their contributions this term. Term One because of its shortness (just under nine weeks) can become very frantic very quickly. For a number of members of our community it has been a struggle towards the end because of this frantic pace and I ask that you keep them in your prayers over Easter and the holidays. I hope all members of our community can reflect back over the term with a sense of pride and satisfaction with their achievements. I wish everyone God’s blessings for Easter and hope all have a relaxing and safe holiday. Yours one spirit in Christ, James Roberts Principal

Harmony Day was celebrated at Good Counsel College on the 11th March 2016. Students participated in a variety of cultural events during Lunch break, and dressed to reflect their cultural heritage. The Innisfail Torres Strait Island Dancers, lead a wonderful dance demonstration, which incorporated a student dance lesson of Taba Naba. This day is and Australian Government initiative to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. Harmony Day, which is celebrated Nationally on the 21st March 2016, fosters inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for all Australians.

Harmony Day    Harmony Day

Year 7 JapaneseSitting on the floor has never been so good! Year 7 students studying Japanese had the privilege of being the first class to use the new 'Culture Area' within the GCC Language lab. Wearing the summer, cotton yukata robes, they sat Japanese style on the new tatami mats with zabuton or fat cushions. "Tatami mats are made from plant fibers and edged with silk ribbon. Normally, tatami are used as flooring modules ( about 2 m x 1 m) in Japanese houses and provide a comfortable base to sit upon." said Mrs Hering, the Japanese teacher. All tatami rooms are to be entered without your shoes on whilst wearing socks so as not to damage the fibers. The room is used for cultural activities, presentations, conversations, celebrations and craft activities all of which builds a deeper understanding of the language they are learning.

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